The increasing rate at which technology is evolving is placing more and more strain on business resources to keep up and compete against other companies harnessing the benefits of rapid IT change. To compete, businesses are forced to become more reliant on their IT systems and as such we are being approached increasingly by companies looking to outsource their IT. Some benefits of IT outsourcing can be seen below.

Reduced Costs

Reducing costs is the main reason why companies choose to outsource their IT needs. Cost savings can be seen with both labour and hardware. Often it is cheaper to outsource all your IT requirements as opposed to hiring your own IT administrator, while the buying power of IT companies can enable cost savings to be passed on to the end client. Orasys flexible support plans also enable clients to budget on their IT expenditure, saving much needed dollars over the long term.

Increased Efficiency

IT administration is usually not our clients core competency and therefore not the most effective use of their time. It is however the core focus of Orasys, it is our business. Outsourcing to Orasys allows you to have a complete IT team at your disposal. We have a number of techs with skills and knowledge across a wide range of areas in IT. We consider it our job to keep you up to date with any IT changes that could be of benefit to your business, and will manage projects from conception to completion allowing you to focus on growing your business, which is what you do best.

Accountability and Reliability

Outsourcing your IT department to Orasys means that you have 24/7 IT support. You no longer have to worry about members of your IT administration being away or leaving your business. It is our responsibility to ensure we have technicians ready to help when you need it. We are accountable for the work we perform for you and as such your IT investment is protected. Under our service level agreements we guarantee uptime and resiliency.

Future Proof Your IT

We are immersed in everything IT, we invest in research and development to find and test new technologies that can be utilised in your work place. This means that when we propose a project it will be up to date with the latest and greatest technology available, this in turn ensures there are no shortfalls when it comes to your IT infrastructure.

Level Playing Field

Outsourcing your IT gives you access to resources usually reserved to much larger multi national organisations. Whilst paying what is often less then the cost of a single staff member, you can have the support, expertise and efficiency of a large IT support team.

We would be happy to help with your outsourcing needs. Get in touch with us to discuss just what it is we can do for you and your business.